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TOP 5 Crypto price-tracking websites

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

In cryptocurrency trading, you need the right tools and resources to help you execute transactions and analyze the entire market's general health. Some of the essential things to consider include :

The Market cap

The market cap is the product of the total circulating supply of a coin and the price (circulating supply multiplied by the price)

The price of the coin

The price indicates the trading value and can be toggled to show the fiat value, bitcoin value, or Ethereum value.

Cryptocurrency markets are very volatile, hence the need for a reliable site that will track a specific coin price with 100% precision.

The circulating supply

The circulating supply is the number of coins trading at any particular moment.

As the name suggests, maximum supply is the maximum number of coins that will ever exist. Let's take an example of bitcoin as of today, September 8th, 2020.


As we can see from the chart, the current price of bitcoin is $10,012.07

The volume is $46,557,733,575.

The market cap is $185,053,960,860

1. Coin market cap

Coin market cap is the most popular websites in this genre, recently purchased by Binance for 400 million dollars. It has an easy to use UI with minimal ads.

It simplifies things even further by having many sections including DeFi, News, Education, and Derivatives for easy navigation.

The downside to this site is being owned and managed by Binance, which is one of the leading centralized exchanges brings the question of the accuracy of the data provided. There were many allegations that most of the data provided favors Binance ranking on the site. We are yet to get a comment from Binance on this issue.

2. Live coin watch

This website offers live crypto tracking, and there is no need to keep refreshing the website

Live coin watch also offers crypto portfolio tracking where you can also place price alerts.

3.Coin gecko

Coin gecko offers simple , detailed, and fun to use UI.

With coin gecko, you can also get portfolio trackers, social media links for the cryptocurrency.

Coin gecko is also known to be the first to list most coins, so If you are interested in capturing the crypto gems before they "pump," this is the site for you.

4.Trading view

This site is best suited for savvy day traders. It offers not only crypto statistics but also stocks, precious metals, commodities, among others.

5.Bit Info

Bit info is not the best-designed user interface, but it offers much information about mining statistics , GitHub commits, and live coin auctions.

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